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November 18, 2016
Please come and visit us at The Specialty Fancy Food Fair from 22nd to 24th January in San Francisco.
January 10, 2017

About Giant corn

Giant corn is grown in one place in the world and that is the Sacred Valley of the Incas, high in the Andes of Peru.   The famous “white corn of the Incas” is deliciously healthy, loaded with fiber and iron and features prominently in many Peruvian dishes. The Incas, who were superb farmers, selected this valley for its rich soil and temperate climate.

Nina Muru corn is planted by hand every August and over the subsequent nine months grows into plump kernels. Harvest is a time for celebration with the community coming together to work in the fields. In accordance with tradition, freshly harvested corn is stacked vertically and allowed to dry for between 45 and 60 days under the hot Andean sun.     We select the largest kernels that are sent on a windy 14 hour journey down the mountain to our kitchens in Lima.

Giant corn is also known as choclo (from the Quechua word Choccllo). It is often boiled and served in ceviche or blended to create pastel de choclo. I will post a recipe for this delicious and very hearty dish!

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