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The first company to truly attach value to the eclectic mix of grains, chilies and vegetables found in Peru.
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Peru boasts a long coastline, soaring mountains and a jungle interior. It is home to 28 of the worlds 32 climate zones, 11 different ecological regions and 84 of the world’s 117 “life zones”. Incredible to imagine Peru has given the world the potato, the tomato, the peanut, quinoa, maca root, several varieties of chili and much more. This is the perfect environment for thousands of varieties of herbs and flowers, many never seen outside the country, to thrive. Farmers here believe they are simply guardians of the land for the next generation and that crops are gifts from the Gods. The growing appetite for ancestral food and Peruvians’ fierce resistance to GMO crops will help to ensure this diversity is maintained for generations to come.


Peruvian cuisine is delicious and in recent years the delights of ‘ceviche’, ‘arroz con pato’, ‘seco’, ‘aji de gallina’ to name a few, have found fame around the world. Waves of immigrants from Japan, China, Spain, Italy and the Middle East have all contributed to the eclectic mix used in our kitchens. From the piquancy of Peruvian yellow chili to the acidity found in our lemons, the skill of our chefs make Peruvian food quite unique. It is no surprise that 3 restaurants in the San Pellegrino Top 100 are in Lima with the No 4 spot going to Virgilio Martinez and the brilliant Central.

The Communities

We work with communities throughout Peru to ensure access to the freshest ingredients and we ensure they are happy working with us! We are a small company but as we grow, we are committed to playing a useful role within our supplier communities. Through practical assistance, we share our knowledge of processing, handling and safe practice to ensure consistently high standards.